Friday, 6 January 2012

The Muslim Headscarf

Muslim women wear the Muslim headscarf for religious reasons which means obeying the commandments of God. In Islam, the words of God are that the women should be modest and follow the principle of clothing. She should cover her beauty. At home or among family or in front of her husband there is no need to wear the Muslim headscarf. Many Muslim women wear the headscarf. Some of the women wear both head covering as well as the face veil which is called niqab. While other wear simple head scarves known as khimar. In some of the Muslim countries women have to wear the burqa and chador that covers them from head to foot. All these types of the Muslim headscarf which is said to follow the laws of God are called Hijab.

The Muslim women wears the hijab or other Muslim headscarf so as to maintain the modesty that Muslim religion teaches. With the development of technology and the effect of westernization, various types of head coverings have made entries in this arena, even for many Muslim women, hijab no longer remained the center of focus. This new trend has been named as liberation in some spheres while other considered it modernization. There was a time a few years back in non-Muslim world, due to great misconception, hijab was being symbolized as radicalism. That was the time when many conscious Muslims made all attempts to restore their religious and ethnic identities. As a result, today all over the world, Muslim women gladly embrace the modest ways of dressing by using Muslim headscarfs such as jilbabs, abayas and hijabs.

In the opinion of various Muslim women scholars, political activists, and scientists if a woman covers her head, it is not an indication of fundamentalism or oppression. In fact, by covering their heads they please God - the creator of the whole mankind. Many Muslim women represent their faith by proudly and confidently wearing the Muslim headscarf in public.

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Nowadays it gives many Muslim women self-esteemed by wearing the headscarf. They are neither afraid nor ashamed to wear hijab in all conditions. In fact they feel confidence and honoured to be successful and educated women that can make an impact on others as well. Wearing a headscarve is not only a simple Muslim practice but covering the head in other religions such as the Jewish tradition is equally important. Also the reason behind wearing the Muslim headscarf is to keep women modest and protect them from the eye of men who have immoral thoughts.

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