Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jilbab Jilbabs Silk Route Clothing

Jilbab Jilbabs Silk Route Clothing

Jilbab Jilbabs Silk Route Clothing - The purpose of the ancient 'Silk Route', which connected the emerging Western cultures with the thriving Eastern traditions, is now being revived through the exciting new Women's clothing brand.

The Silk Route Brand was born with today's Muslimah in mind: The Muslimah who interacts with and enriches the diverse communities she lives in. Sisters wanting to convey their faith and identity through a stylish and contemporary look will find that the Silk Route Jilbab reaches beyond all expectations.

Silk Route has designs appealing to those seeking a simple yet sophisticated look and to those who love to express their uniqueness through empowering design concepts. Silk Route's vibrant mix of urban, sporty, casual and elegant Jilbabs is always ready to dress the modern Muslimah in confidence.

Silk Route Abaya & Jilbab


A classic oriental fashion inspired Jilbab with a contemporary and youthful twist. Both dignified and casual with a mix of details such as a diagonal neck opening with a jersey piping.

Puff sleeves attached with jersey create a layered and stylized look. An attention to detail such as hand crafted fabric buttons on neck and side slits complement and enhance the impact of the design.

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