Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hijab Story

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I went through many phases in my hijab wearing life. I started a bit late by Malaysian standards-I was 15 when my brother innocently asked me why I did not wear hijab, had I not got my menses yet? Haha.
That prompted me to wear hijab to school, but after school, during extra curricular activities, I usually found it VERY cumbersome and would usually arrive home without, much to the chagrin of my mother.
What prompted this entry is the fact that right now I am royally annoyed by the lack of cooperation from the hijab pin I am currently wearing and the complexity of it all.
I started off with the then popular tudung bawal-
Which lasted through my teens and university. Since then due to sheer laziness I’ve moved on to tudung instant (no pins!)

And tudung syria (no need to take off during solat!)

So today..when I was rummaging through my hijab drawer for something that matched my clothes, the only thing that really matched was my 2nd hand munawarrah tudung which required a pin (after about 2 years of not wearing hijab with pins!)

1st i had to find pins. Then i had to pin them on. In the process, i pricked myself a zillion times and at work during wudhu another zillion times. I will now stick to my instants and syrias or pashminas which require only a pin at the chin and not on the clothes (my clothes have pinholes! Argh!)
Completely bimbotic entry, i know, but there you have it. It’s not easy being a hijabi on the go okayyy?

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