Saturday, 17 December 2011

How To Choose a Hijab That Suits Your Face Shape.

How to choose a hijab styles

Hijab Headscarf for inspirations.

Round Face

To you who have a round face, Ceramic hijab with undercaps are easily found on the market. Ponytail your hair if long, then use undercaps, do dicepol or bun because it would give the impression of your head round. Tie the scarf, then on the cheeks can be pulled up to half of the cheeks closed. Also make sure you are comfortable and not crowded kerasa yes. Next you can enter the rest of the hijab or decorate it with a brooch.

Oval or Long Faces
To your oval or long faced, Turkish style is the most fitting subject, because it will give a full impression and more dense for long faces. You may menggelung your hair to your head shape better and balanced with a face.

Square face
For the square-faced you should use a hijab rounded shape that will frame the face becomes softer and eliminating sharp lines. Avoid using loud colors and flashy. Use a soft color or layer so that the face look more full.

Oval face
For those of you who faced the oval, you are free to use various styles hijab. Stay where you are just the right mix with the color of your skin and clothes. Your overnight will become more graceful and sweet.

general Tips: We recommend that you select the original cotton scarf is so comfortable and not hot when worn. Moreover, cotton scarf will help your scalp and hair to keep breathing relief.

Confused choosing to wear hijab everyday? Where did that suits you, and are comfortable to use? WomanOnly have any special tips for you who want to look beautiful with a hijab. Only one trick in particular, adjust to the shape of your face.

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