Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hijab Tutorial : How To Choose a Hijab

Before knowing how to wear hijab creations, let's look at some tips in choosing the hijab. These tips include:

*See model or forms of hijab
Number of models or forms of hijab that sometimes make our own there is confusion in selecting it. But do not forget to choose the model that suits our needs and shape of our face. Simultaneously adjust to how to wear hijab creations that we want.

If you choose a direct wear hijab, it is usually more simple and concise, but notice the size of the hole for the face / face. Typically, the size of all standard hijab, but some are made smaller and some larger ones.

*Adjust with the aim of usage
Buy and choose the veil or hijab scarf should be in accordance with the purpose of usage. If only for the home, perhaps you would prefer a hijab made from t-shirts are more simple model. Also how to wear hijab creations are also not too complicated. But for the more formal events such as the office or party and other events, how to wear hijab creations are more numerous and can be coupled with beautiful accessories.

*Materials used cloth
Well, good fabric used for hijab are made from cotton because it absorbs sweat and does not heat. Jersey material is also an option, or other materials, but is lighter and cooler.
How to wear hijab scarf these creations is to combine a thinner fabric with a thicker fabric.

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