Friday, 9 December 2011

Choosing The Best Hijab Style For You

Here is some tips choosing the best hijab style for you.
Similar in fashion, some hejab style accentuate and best suit your face shape and creates a wonderful subtle effect.

Type of hijab style

Amira, shayla or square hijab, works well depending on your face shape.
  • For you with narrow or long face shapes - square hijab looks the nicest. You could also wear 2 Piece Amira hijab and still maintain poised appearance.
  • For round or wider face shapes - shayla will allow for the most graceful and elegant look. Shaylas of textured or stretchy material work well because they add a bit of volume to the hijab that provide a narrowing effect to the round face.
  • For oval faces - you don't have much to worry as you can wear any style of hijab and look charming in it.
  • Shaylas and wraps generally suit most women, depending on how high or low they are placed on the forehead.
various hijab styles

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